Toyota Land Cruiser Parts Catalogs

Everyone who works on old Land Cruisers knows that it’s tough to find replacement parts. Even your local Toyota dealership tends to draw blank stares or a good luck when you say you need to replace something on your early FJ40. While we hear that Toyota purged pre-69 parts records from their system, plenty of hard-to-find components are still available – if you know the right part number.

Every year that goes by, more and more Land Cruisers fall into disrepair, parts become even more difficult to acquire, and more of the experts hang up their hats. In an effort to help everyone trying to keep these great vehicles on the road, we’ve decided to open-source any parts catalogs we can get our hands on.

The original idea of open-sourcing, used in computer programming and software development, was to make freely available the underlying source code of a project so that it could be distributed, modified, and developed in a publicly collaborative manner. Read more about open-source software here

Open-sourcing parts catalogs helps everyone in the Land Cruiser community keep their trucks on the road, and we think that’s a great thing!

We’ve taken hours to carefully disassemble and scan, in high-resolution, these parts diagrams and numbers. Do you have a manual you would like to open-source for the rest of the community? Contact us and we’ll work with you to make it happen!


Some catalogs are broken apart by section, organized to different pages of this site.

Toyota Land Cruiser Models BJ25, BJ25L (FULL CATALOG PDF DOWNLOAD)

Toyota Land Cruiser Models FJ40L-A, 40LV-A U.S.A – Published September 1967

Toyota Land Cruiser Models FJ40L-A, 40LV-A U.S.A – Published November 1967

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